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Infosys – 2020 to 2023

FullStack Developer ⸺ As a seasoned professional in the technical field, my expertise encompass comprehensive knowledge and proficiency in the Drupal platform and PHP for backend development. Along with this, I possess extensive skills in implementing visual designs using frontend technologies such as SaSS, JS, HTML, and CSS.

Frontend Developer ⸺ Assuring the accessibility of sites was a crucial part of my role, and I accomplished this in developing frontend templates that corresponded seamlessly with Adobe Experience Designs. One of my primary responsibilities involved ensuring that the implemented pages adhered to responsive design principles, allowing optimal viewing and interaction experiences across a multitude of devices, from mobiles to tablets and desktops.

Linux Expert ⸺ In a leadership capacity, I guided the team through daily scrum meetings to maintain effective communication and project progression. I also contributed to creating environments under Linux-based virtual machines.

Agile ⸺ My experience extended to developing scripts for Lint syntax checking, verification, and automated fixes, all of which ensured the maintenance of coding standards. Using Panaya / Jira, I managed and maintained the system by addressing defects logged by the team and clients, facilitating continuous requests and improvements in an Agile format.

Mentor ⸺ I also had the opportunity to enlighten the team on cybersecurity best practices. These covered protection against SQL Injections, XSS vulnerabilities, malicious file uploads, private file access, eval, fork bombs, and DDOS. Furthermore, I provided training on various encryption methods.

Methodical ⸺ Finally, I offered assistance to the team in understanding and implementing GIT branching strategies, reinforcing the importance of version control in the development process.

RealDecoy – 2009 to 2019

Productive ⸺ During my decade-long tenure at RealDecoy, I successfully deployed over 50 projects, demonstrating a diverse range of technical skills and expertise. I initially embarked on my journey as a dedicated PHP developer, but my interests quickly expanded to encompass the Drupal and WordPress platforms, where I developed custom modules for both.

Customer-Focused ⸺ My skills further extend to creating migration scripts for importing product catalogues into Magento, demonstrating my proficiency in e-commerce platforms. I have constructed complex forms and interfaces utilizing HTML, JS, and CSS, and have ensured their compatibility with browsers from IE5 and above.

Discrete ⸺ In terms of version control, I utilized systems such as SVN, Mercurial, and Git, ensuring smooth and efficient development workflows. My experience also includes building discrete internal systems that managed financial operations, showcasing my ability to handle sensitive and critical data.

Foresighted ⸺ I have developed multi-language applications, addressing and resolving character encoding issues related to languages. I also took the responsibility of architecting and implementing backup and disaster recovery plans, ensuring business continuity and data integrity.

Analytical ⸺ My proficiency includes developing complex search algorithms, interfaces, and relevancy ranking strategies, further enhancing user experience and site functionality. I provided clients with custom dashboards featuring analytical data, ranging from Google analytics to Information Discovery. In these roles, I developed custom metrics and charts, providing valuable insights for decision-making.

Knowledgeable ⸺ In addition to my hands-on technical skills, I had the opportunity to impart knowledge on Oracle Commerce products through international teaching sessions. Additionally, I developed internal systems that facilitated interactions with employee attendance, birthdays, and reward systems, along with managing news groups and forums. This experience highlights my ability to create systems that enhance internal communication and employee engagement.

Unveiling the Persona: Get to Know Me

Igniting Excellence: Crafting Code, Delivering Dreams

Luc LaverdureAs a Web Development Maestro, I bring a wealth of experience to the table. With precision and finesse, I create top-notch code across diverse platforms and languages, all while sailing smoothly through project timelines. Throughout my career, I’ve mastered a multitude of roles — from Web developer to technical lead, and even international teacher — serving clients both public and private. Equipped with level II (secret) security clearance, I’m ready to tackle projects in collaboration with government agencies.

Fueling my fire with logic, versatility, and innovation, I channel my creativity into writing and programming during my leisure hours. My journey began at the tender age of 11, devouring QuickBASIC books that opened doors to game creation. From there, I immersed myself in Visual Basic 6, paving the way to embrace the dynamic world of PHP and discovering my true passion for Web development.

Let’s join forces on an epic digital expedition!

Voices of Acclaim: Testimonial Treasures

  • Recommended by: Gordon Turnbull

    Senior Drupal Developer, Solutions Architect

    I worked with Luc on the CanadaBuys web site developed for the Government of Canada by InfoSys Public Services. Luc and I were part of an onshore team of developers, tasked with developing and debugging features for the CanadaBuys web site and associated Tender Management Application.

    Luc worked on both the front and back ends of the project, creating merge requests to implement new functionality and correct bugs. On the Front end, Luc provided javascript solutions. On the back end, Luc provided PHP solutions for the Drupal 8, and later, Drupal 9 content management systems used to develop the site.

    Luc is an experienced developer and was a positive and impactful member of our team. I enjoyed working with Luc and would recommend him for future projects.

    August 24, 2023, Gordon worked with Luc on the same team

  • Recommended by: Balkissa Toure

    Systems Engineer | CSM

    From day one, Luc has shown exceptional patience, providing guidance and assistance whenever I encountered a challenge. His expertise is commendable, but what stands out the most is his approachability and ever-willingness to help. Beyond his professional skills, working with Luc has always been a pleasure. His sense of humor and upbeat attitude make the daily grind much more enjoyable. I feel fortunate to have had him by my side as I navigated my initial days at the company, and I genuinely believe that anyone who has the chance to work with Luc is indeed lucky.

    August 9, 2023, Balkissa worked with Luc on the same team

  • Recommended by: Sam Khangyi

    Linux expert

    Luc was the scrum master of our team. a true fulcrum, reliable and dependable, attentive to the members needs. the one to rely on. Luc also cares about the people, not just the work. His technical knowledge is equally formidable, his Javascript and frameworks like jQuery knowledge is top notch alongside many of the related and associated technologies like PHP, and many cms systems like Drupal and WordPress technically extremely adept. code reviews are a pheasant experience with him, Great person, and top-notch expert.

    August 8, 2023, Luc was senior to Sam but didn’t manage Sam directly

  • Recommended by: Desmond Donnelly

    Front-end Developer

    Luc has a masterful knowledge of JavaScript, jQuery, css, scss, php, twig, yml, Drupal and a host of other skills related to the internet. He is a good consultant about obscure matters like server configuration, security best practices, VM configuration and more.

    He is also proactive about finding better ways of doing things that end up saving the company money. Personally, he is a friendly team player and very easy to get along with. We were excellent collaborators at Infosys and between us resolved a host of issues related to a high-end government of Canada website.

    August 3, 2023, Desmond worked with Luc on the same team

  • Recommended by: James Oickle

    Making a difference one partner at a time…

    I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Luc for a number of years, and for a brief period he reported directly to me. His enthusiasm and willingness to tackle new problems was inspiring to those around him. He was always able to lighten a tense moment and put the extra effort in to support delivery deadlines. I enjoyed the time we spent and would work with him again given the opportunity.

    August 3, 2016, James managed Luc indirectly at RealDecoy

  • Recommended by: Sherif Messiha

    Technology professional who loves working with people.

    I had the pleasure of working with Luc at RealDecoy. During that time Luc delivered numerous projects individually and within teams. Luc is truly a dedicated and hard-working consultant with niche web development expertise, and also a great team player!

    July 22, 2016, Sherif managed Luc at RealDecoy

  • Recommended by: Keric McDonald

    Junior Consultant at RealDecoy.

    Not often does people get a chance to work with truly talented individuals that are dedicated to making their work/product among the best while doing their best to ensure that their team’s level of knowledge exceeds the best. Luc is one of those individual and I am fortunate and proud to have worked with him at RealDecoy.

    August 4, 2016, Keric worked directly with Luc at RealDecoy

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